One of the leading legal counsel in the country- Jeremy Goldstein

There exist various factors to consider when creating a sustainable economic environment for any given organization or a group. The process followed in addressing such factors may sometimes be cumbersome. Jeremy Goldstein has been a firsthand witness of what the situation can lead. Jeremy served along with organizations such as Verizon, Goldman Sachs as well as Bank of America. The New York City attorney, Jeremy Goldstein provides advice on ways of handling the usage of Earnings per Share in addition to an array of various incentive-based programs.


The most significant stock price influencers are EPS. As a result of this feature, shareholders are willing to sell or buy as it offers incentives for firms to raise the amount paid to every employee. A study carried out recently revealed that incorporating the EPS in the general pay structure would eventually make the company successful.


Even though many opponents of EPS say that these metrics offers no sustainable support for the organization’s growth, in the long run, those who like it have a lot of positive views on the same. Jeremy Goldstein came up with a recommendation that aimed at harmonizing the actions of pro- as well as anti- EPS proponents. The pay per performance should not be necessarily done away with as it acted as an incentive for quality workplaces. On the other hand, he recommended that the CEOS should be held responsible for individual actions.


It was critical to enhance pay per performance to match with the long-term goals and the required standards of the organization. It then promoted a long-term sustainable economic growth of the company in addition to offering a robust, repeatable growth of shares.


It’s been long since Jeremy Goldstein started his career as an attorney practicing in New York City. He began working on one of the largest firms in the city for a while and then branched off to develop his practice known as the Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates, LLC. Jeremy attended the New York University School of Law where he obtained the knowledge and skills as required in his career. Besides, he has a vast experience gained from working on legal cases with firms such as banking companies, cellular companies, oil and petroleum companies on issues concerning monetary legality as well as compensation. He is among the top legal counsel and has written various journals of law that provided an updated opinion on current legal matters. Also, Goldstein is a member of the American Bar Association.


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