Jason Hope’s Take On Philanthropy

Technological advancement is one of the things that shape our future. It has a profound impact on our life, from the way we live to how we do business. For a business to stay ahead of others, it needs to analyze the current trends, especially technological ones, and plan ahead.

The Internet of Things is one of the latest technological trend than help improve efficiency and reduce waste. It is a subject that Jason Hope, a technology entrepreneur, has written own articles. As a reputable futurist, he has made accurate predictions on technological trends in the recent past. Philanthropy is one of Jason’s main areas of focus and his determination to help people through technology has seen him make significant contributions towards worthy courses, with his most notable one perhaps being his support for the SENS foundation.

Jason Hope SENS Foundation

The SENS foundation is a non-profit organization focused on transforming the way the world researches and treats diseases related to aging.

According to Jason Hope, the fact that we focus our energy on treating diseases after they happen is not what we should be doing. But rather focus on preventing the diseases from happening in the first place. He believes there we’ll continue to progress by supporting scientific research that advances through innovation and is ready to challenge the modern way of thinking.

The Scariest Horror Anime You’ll Get Fond of; When They Cry


The fictional rural village of Hinamizawa presents Keiichi Maebara. He has come from his village to shelter from misfortunes. Keiichi is the protagonist and spends much of his time with his school friends. Life seems good for him. However, what he does not know is that Hinamizawa has its dark side. With time he discovers that his school friends may not be as good. It gets even creepier when he realizes that they will not leave him alone. As the episodes unfold, things become difficult for him. Mysterious murders get him shocked. With whack jobs that will not let him go, it becomes a horrible life for the poor boy. He is not aware of the dark secret of this village.


The Chilling Horror Anime Unfolds


Keiichi has no decisive move to make. The formerly good friends keep clinging to him. Every move is unpredictable, only tortured souls. The entire horror anime is creepy enough to get you screaming. He discovers of murder cases in the Hinamizawa village. The episode captures the viewer’s mind throughout. The experience of thrillers and short arcs glues the viewer to the last bit.




The horror “When They Cry (Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni)” is ideal for lovers of spine-chilling anime. It features little girls and mysterious deaths, yet amid that, there is a stimulating experience. The adaptation of the game series keeps taking an appallingly gory turn. Every viewer wants to know what will come out of the series of unfortunate events.  I tend to like the classics, but this is easily one of my favorite non-90s anime of all time.