Dick DeVos: Transforming Michigan, One Endevor At A Time

In 1991, the city of Grand Rapids saw an interesting movement that brought the people together. There was a proposition made to build a multi-purpose stadium and convention center in the city. The reason the movement began was that the construction of the center would not only cause a space in the city to be taken up but would also cost a lot of money. This movement culminated in the formation of an organization known as Grand Action, which was led by Dick DeVos. DeVos is a native of Michigan knew how important that space was to the people. He wanted that space to become something that was of importance, not a place which is being used by one professional team in a year and then thrown away.



His efforts were them channeled into beneficial constructions that could aid the people living in the state of Michigan. These projects have already proven to be of great benefit to the people living in the state, which is now why DeVos is so highly regarded in Michigan. These places have been of tremendous help to the people, and have aided in their overall development, and the infrastructure of the state.



DeVos has greatly benefited the state of Michigan through the numerous efforts that he and his wife Betsy have carried out. To aid them in their efforts, the couple founded the DeVos Family Foundation. This was an organization that was built to be able to extend a helping hand to people who were in need. Through the DeVos Family Foundation, the couple has aided multiple other organizations that were working towards goals that were similar to theirs. Education was one of the biggest focuses of the organization. Through the DeVos Family Foundation, Dick and Betsy were able to help students who otherwise could not afford a good education for themselves. The organization regularly hands out scholarships based on merit so that these students can have a better future. The organization has also helped increase the number of charter schools available so that children all over America can have access to a better degree of education.



In addition to the efforts made by the organization, Dick DeVos has also actively worked to improve the political scenarios in the state. In 2012, DeVos made significant efforts to change the labor union laws in Michigan. As part of this, the state does not mandate that employees be part of the workers union at the company of their employment. This was a big deal for employees all over the state, giving them more power to stand up for their rights and to make sure they aren’t being exploited. Learn more: http://www.crainsdetroit.com/article/20170602/NEWS/170609993/dick-and-betsy-devos



Betsy and Dick DeVos are together regarded as some of the most significant charitable donors in America. Their donations to organizations and political parties have been tremendous, and their efforts to bring about a better America have been evident.