Can Fabletics Continue It’s Success Streak?

The most amazing thing about the success story of Fabletics is that the company has managed to go as far as it has in such a short amount of time. It’s currently the leader of the athletic wear category and it’s done so by taking over online retail. The struggle to the top wasn’t an easy one, but it seems that The creators did a perfect job of taking on the competition. Fabletics emerged as the clear market favorite in a matter of a few years with most of the other online retailers falling to the wayside. Some of that was luck but most of it was due to the ingenuity of Kate Hudson.


Fabletics has managed to get as far as it has because it refuses to box people into a specific corner. If you have a certain style of athletic wear you like to wear, you’ll have no problem getting that from Fabletics. The entire online experience is customized in order to make sure every customer is getting exactly what they want. People who can go online and find what they’re looking for are far more likely to be satisfied with their business experience. It’s important to emphasize that.


The most amazing thing about Fabletics is the way the company managed to use social media to take off. It has implemented the power of the crowd many times to amazing effect. You will probably hear about Fabletics from friends first if at all thanks to the genius use of crowd control to get out the word about Fabletics. This has helped insure that people don’t think of Fabletics the same way they might think about other retailers online. They aren’t pushing support through commercials and other “artificial” means of giving out support. Everything you see is obtained through word of mouth.


Kate Hudson understood what she was taking on when she decided she was going to make Fabletics into the brand it is today. It hasn’t been a simple process but she managed to do what it took to bring her business to the top. You can’t go anywhere in the country without finding happy Fabletics fans and you won’t find anyone nearly as satisfied as their customers. The market had an opening and she was the best suited for making sure it happened. No surprise she continues to think about the direction her company is going to be taking.