Fabletics Redefines Success In The E-Commerce Market

Very few people have an idea of Amazon’s dominance in the online fashion industry. One important fact to note is that Amazon is not a company that fully specializes in providing fashion products, rather, it is just an e-commerce market that sells many goods among them fashion items. The online market has thousands of companies that offer different items. Most of the companies specialize in offering fashion products and services only.


Amazon, on the other hand, controls about 21% of the online fashion market. In such a case, penetrating into the market for the new companies is a far-fetched idea. The process would be very long and associated with challenges that can quickly make an entrepreneur give up. However, some of the fashion industry gurus are proving that problems can be overcome, and success can be obtained in any field provided one has passion and dedication. The will to undertake an activity can take a person far, and Kate Hudson is a testimony to that fact.


Fabletics was established three years ago, but it is making moves in the e-commerce market that are challenging great companies such as Amazon. The company has managed to make more than $260 million since its inception. Kate Hudson realized that as much as there were many enterprises in the online market, some aspects of the client were not being fulfilled in the right manner. Therefore, she decided to establish an organization that would help to avail products to customers in the shortest time possible and at the most affordable price.


There are many fashion goods and companies online, and starting such a venture is not a problem, for Kate Hudson, the biggest challenge was deciding on what would be the best area of specialization. As a result, she ended up setting up the company to specialize in the sale of sportswear for women. Kate Hudson believes in good appearance and some of the products sold at Fabletics ensure that women appear attractive as they work out. Kate Hudson specialized in a trend that was just growing, and this helped to boost her business significantly.


In addition to product offering, Kate Hudson understands the importance of the client, and that is why she has established a 24 hours client support at the company to ensure that any customer’s queries are answered any time of the day. Additionally, she makes sure that the clients in any part of the world can get products in the shortest time possible and at the lowest cost. Buyers love accessing good quality products at a favorable price as they consider this to give them value for money.


The current world economy is very competitive, and therefore, providing customers with quality and low price products doesn’t help to conquer the market anymore, rather, clients desire to be part of the strategy used by any company. Therefore, Fabletics provides customers with an online quiz that enables them to submit their views on fashion. As a result, it is possible for the designers to infuse some of the latest trends within the fashion industry in products that are produced at Fabletics.