Livio Bisterzo And His Entrepreneurship Journey

Livio Bisterzo is a 35-year-old entrepreneur of Italian origin. In 1999 while he was barely 18, Livio relocated to the UK and got an opportunity to study at London’s Prestigious University of Art. It is during this time that he discovered his entrepreneurial prowess. He tried out several businesses and like it’s a norm for amateurs, Livio`s case was no different as most of his pioneer projects flopped. In 2003 he founded an events business forming his entrepreneurial foundation. Later he expanded his ventures to the hospitality industry that prompted the Mandox Club Pollen.

Fast forward to 2015, Livio Bisterzo founded the Green Park Brand an organization aimed at manufacturing products that can lead to a healthier lifestyle for its consumers. In 2016, the green park company launched its first product, HIPPEAS that has since risen to be one of the fast growing snacks brand in the USA today. The product is made from chick peas a unique change of trend from lentils that had earlier dominated the market.

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The HIPPEAS are crunchy and delicious snacks that are available to consumers in six different flavors that will leave you yearning for more. These include Vegan cheddar, Maple haze, and pepper power, far out fajita, happening hickory, and sriracha sunshine. The product`s nutritional value is way above its competitor’s thanks to its 130 calories composition, and the 3 and 4 grams of fiber and protein respectively.

The business has positioned itself as one of the most promising brands and has hence attracted investors from across the globe. Most recently, Livio Bisterzo, the brain behind HIPPEAS, announced the interest of the strand Equity partners one of the leading US growth Equity funds along with Leonardo Di Caprio to generate minor investment to the brand. While commenting on the move, Livio passed his appreciation to the investors for having confidence in the HIPPEAS products. On the other hand, Seth Rodsky a co-founder of Strand equity praised the HIPPEAS product as one that has gained popularity within a short time.

To make true the HIPPEAS dream of giving back to the society, the company has partnered with Farm Africa, with the aim of supporting farmers in the Eastern part of Africa to grow them out of poverty.

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