3 Outstanding Eco-conscious Tours to Consider

There are many wonderful travel adventures that you can choose from where the owners are working hard to protect the natural environment. These companies tend to hire local experts to help guide groups allowing you to understand more about the environment. Before you book your next trip, consider these locations. Learn more: http://www.huffingtonpost.com.au/2016/10/29/david-pocock-will-spend-his-sabbatical-saving-the-world/


South Africa


Pridelands operated by WildArk in South Africa offers eco-conscious safaris on their property that used to be a hunting camp. Guests can see hyenas, leopards and other African wildlife. Funds used from these safaris are invested into the property so that elephants, zebra, lions and other animals will choose to live there in the near future.


Dominican Republic


The rooms at Hotel Paraiso Caño Hondo located next to the Los Haitises National Park in the Dominican Republic were carefully constructed to allow guests to bird watch from their rooms. Alternatively, see the birds while riding on a zipline. Guests can also take a dip in the natural swimming pools on this luscious property. From mid-December to the end of March, visitors can also see humpback whales playing in the nearby waters. Do not leave without seeing the petroglyphs located in the caves at the national park that are accessible only by boat.




Exploring the Himalayas is a great way to reconnect with nature. Explore the 2,485 mile long path leading through valleys and up steep mountains or choose to hike along just part of it. Others choose to take helicopter tours allowing them to see the majestic area from the air. The bravest may choose to camp every night, but others will enjoy learning about the culture with a homestay in the Evererst, Annapurna or Langtang regions.




Brazil’s wetlands are highly threatened by overpopulation. Therefore, you may want to consider visiting this area before its too late. This United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) site is the largest wetlands in the world. One of the best ways to explore all of this area is on an 11 day cruise. Anacondas, caimans, iguanas, ocelots, monkeys, jaguars, tapirs and capybaras along with over 650 species of birds are some of the wildlife you may encounter during the cruise.


There are many different eco-conscious tours allowing you to reconnect with nature. Choose your favorite and start your trip very soon.

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