Bernardo Chua Continues to Drive Direct Selling Forward

Health has become a continuous concern in present day with expensive healthcare that has created a barrier to entry for individuals all over the world who seek to be healthy and who wish to have a healthy and fruitful life.

With this in mind, one individual in particular decided to make an empire that is centered around helping individuals and is centered around making sure that individuals live a happy and healthy life with the help of a product and a service that is inexpensive to every single consumer around the world.

This individual is Bernardo Chua, the creator of Organo Gold and the creator of an empire that is dedicated to helping individuals. Organo Gold consists of hot and cold beverages that have a special ingredient that is not only natural, but that has been scientifically proven to help individuals with any ailments at a low cost.

The special ingredient that Bernardo Chua uses in his products is known as Ganoderma which is an herb that has been used in ancient Chinese medicine for thousands of years. During his travels, Bernardo Chua witnessed the wonders of this herb and has since then built an empire around the herb to help others.

Ganoderma has been scientifically proven to promote weight loss, reduce anxiety, and to help individuals sleep at night. This herb helps reduce any ailment and prevents and issue. Not only is Organo Gold a healthy product, but it also tastes delicious. Individuals have now proclaimed Organo Gold as their number one beverage in the morning that helps them feel refreshed and ready for the day to come. Learn more about Bernado Chua:

Bernado Chua has not only offered individuals all over the world with a new product that is inexpensive, but Mr. Chua has also offered individuals with the opportunity to become their own boss.

Mr. Chua encourages anyone who wants to become their own boss or who needs a little bit of extra cash to become a sales representative to Organo Gold. The only requirement that Mr. Chua has is that individuals love the product as he loves the product and to make sure that individuals know the truth about the wonders of Organo Gold.

Fabletics; an Unorthodox Approach to Success

Fabletics is a relatively new fitness apparel company that is owned by Kate Hudson. The company runs a monthly subscription program. When a new customer signs up as a VIP member, they will purchase their first item at only $25 and get access to numerous discounts.


Becoming a member of Fabletics is free and there is no reason why you should not sign up. After you become a member, you will get 2 to 3 piece outfits at only $49-$59. The best part about it is that on the month when you do not what anything, you will not be forced to pay.


The Process


Upon signing up for membership, you will be given a short questionnaire. It will ask you about the types of workouts and the styles you like. At the start of the every month, you will get some outfits picked for you based on the answers you provided.


A Further investigation of How Fabletics Works


Fabletics sell stylish workout apparel at a fraction of the price of major brands. One benefit of being a VIP member is that you get outfits at almost half the price. Non-members pay $100 for each outfit while VIP member pays a maximum of $49.95. Another great benefit of being a VIP is that shipping is free.


For you to qualify for the Fabletics articles chosen for you each month you must log in to the account between the first and the fifth of every month. If you do not wish to make a purchase, simply press, “skip this month.”


So How Does Fabletics Make Money


When you fail to log in between the 1st and 5th of each month, the company will automatically charge you $49.95 on 6th and the account will be credited with an outfit. However, the outfit cannot ship unless you approve. You will have to choose the outfit that you want the company to ship to you. You can skip for as many times as you want but you must login between the first and fifth of every month, you will be charged $49.95.


How to Get Out


If you decide that Fabletics is not for you, you will only need to call a number that they give you. Follow the prompts until you are connected to a company representative about closing the account. At this stage, the company will offer you more outfit credit if you opt to stay.


The company’s return policy is quite great. They accept returns up to 30 days after the shipping date. When you make a return for store credit or an exchange, you will not be charged anything. However, a return for a refund will cost you a $5.95 restocking charge.