A Review Of Brian Bonar’s Success In The Financial World

Brian Bonar is a revered finance specialist. His extensive knowledge in the sector has enabled him to provide visionary leadership to several institutions such as Dalrada Financial Group and Trucept.

Owing to his success in the financial sector, Brian has been honored with numerous awards. In 2010, he won the Cambridge’s Who’s Who Executive of the Year in Finance. One wins this award based on his or her leadership skills, professional achievements, and educational accomplishments.

Brian Bonar has rendered his services in the financial sector for over 30 years. To this end, he has gained extensive experience and broad knowledge in the industry. In addition, Brian has played an instrumental role in developing innovative products and services that continue to satisfy the utility of its clients.

Dalrada Financial Group has hugely benefited from Brian Bonar’s expertise. The company, which provides other firms with employee programs, has been able to achieve exceptional growth under Bonar’s stewardship.

The corporation has also broadened its range of services to include business process outsourcing, finance, and insurance. These services are tailored to specific needs of its clients. This way, customers have continued to grow their wealth by investing in diverse portfolios.

Bonar is a graduate of the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow. He is also an alumnus of Stafford University in the UK where he pursued his graduate and doctorate degrees. After finishing his graduate studies, Bonar worked as a director of technology sales between 1992 and 1994.

Later, he joined Dalrada Financial Group where he served as the vice president of sales and marketing. Owing to immense success in this position, Bonar was promoted to works as the company’s executive vice president.

In addition, Brian worked as the director and chief operating officer of Dalrada Corporation before being appointed to serve as the company’s CEO in 1998. Later, he was appointed to serve as the chairman of the board. According to Bloomberg, in all these positions, Brian Bonar managed to exceed the expectations of the company’s management. This is because of his transformative form of leadership.

In addition, the financial expert has worked as the chief executive officer and chairman of Trucept Inc. He has served the company since 2010. Moreover, he worked for Amanda Co. Inc as the chief finance officer and acting chief executive officer.

Between 1991 and 1992, he rendered his services for Benzier Systems as the vice president of worldwide sales and marketing. Bonar was also the worldwide sales manager of Adaptec Inc between 1990 and 1991.

Notably, Brian has worked for many other firms in different capacities. They include Allegiant Professional Business Services, The Solvis Group, and Rastek. By virtue of having adequate skills because of working in different leadership positions, Bonar has been able to turnaround many businesses. Today, he is regarded as one of the leading financial players in the United States.


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