Jason Hope’s Take On Philanthropy

Technological advancement is one of the things that shape our future. It has a profound impact on our life, from the way we live to how we do business. For a business to stay ahead of others, it needs to analyze the current trends, especially technological ones, and plan ahead.

The Internet of Things is one of the latest technological trend than help improve efficiency and reduce waste. It is a subject that Jason Hope, a technology entrepreneur, has written own articles. As a reputable futurist, he has made accurate predictions on technological trends in the recent past. Philanthropy is one of Jason’s main areas of focus and his determination to help people through technology has seen him make significant contributions towards worthy courses, with his most notable one perhaps being his support for the SENS foundation.

Jason Hope SENS Foundation

The SENS foundation is a non-profit organization focused on transforming the way the world researches and treats diseases related to aging.

According to Jason Hope, the fact that we focus our energy on treating diseases after they happen is not what we should be doing. But rather focus on preventing the diseases from happening in the first place. He believes there we’ll continue to progress by supporting scientific research that advances through innovation and is ready to challenge the modern way of thinking.

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  1. It gives me joy to see some one that has been so successful giving back to society, it goes to shows that he has value for the people around him. Unlike others writing services reviews that has made a fortune out of the society but has failed to make any positive impact on community, Jason Hope is a very good example of the very few that are changing the lives of people in the community through their financial donations and that will really help so many people.

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