Sahm Adrangi Role In The Success of Kerrisdale Capital Management

Sahm Adrangi is the Chief Investment Officer and the founder of Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC. He has been actively involved in the development of the firm in every aspect, ever since it was founded in April 2009.

Previously, Adrangi used to work as an analyst at Deutsche Bank’s leverage finance group, between April 2004 and October 2005. He then joined Chanin Capital Partners in the bankruptcy restructuring group where he used to give advice to creditors. He only worked there for slightly above one year after which he joined Longacre Fund Management, LLC., as an investment analyst. It was after leaving Longacre, that he decided to venture into his own business, and started Kerrisdale Capital Management. Sahm Adrangi is a graduate of Yale University with a B.A, in Economics.

About Kerrisdale Capital.

Kerrisdale Capital Management is a research-oriented investment firm known for publishing research and short selling. It is located in New York, in the United States. According to Sahm Adrangi, there are so many misconceptions and misunderstandings about stocks such as overhyped shorts and Under-followed longs, and this is what the Kerrisdale’s research is trying to correct.

In2010 and 2011, just a few months after starting of the firm, Adrangi’s Kerrisdale Capital firm got its share of recognition, after exposing the dishonest and deceitful Chinese companies. These companies included China Marine Food Group, Lihua International, China-Biotics, just to mention a few. He also had several other targets to research on such as ChinaCast Education Corp and China Education Alliance.

In the recent past, Kerrisdale research focus is shifting a bit, from researching on several categories of companies and industries to narrowing down to sectors in which the firm has developed expertise. Such sectors are biotechnology, in which Kerrisdale has published researches on several developing companies, mining sector, and the telecommunication sector. It is no doubt that Kerrisdale has been very keen on the telecommunication sector, especially in displaying skeptical views in some of them.

Other than doing companies research, Sahm Adrangi is also an investment activist, working with Lindsay Corporation and Morgans Hotel Group. He is also a speaker and has been involved in numerous conferences. His interviews have also been published in several major publications.

One of the leading legal counsel in the country- Jeremy Goldstein

There exist various factors to consider when creating a sustainable economic environment for any given organization or a group. The process followed in addressing such factors may sometimes be cumbersome. Jeremy Goldstein has been a firsthand witness of what the situation can lead. Jeremy served along with organizations such as Verizon, Goldman Sachs as well as Bank of America. The New York City attorney, Jeremy Goldstein provides advice on ways of handling the usage of Earnings per Share in addition to an array of various incentive-based programs.


The most significant stock price influencers are EPS. As a result of this feature, shareholders are willing to sell or buy as it offers incentives for firms to raise the amount paid to every employee. A study carried out recently revealed that incorporating the EPS in the general pay structure would eventually make the company successful.


Even though many opponents of EPS say that these metrics offers no sustainable support for the organization’s growth, in the long run, those who like it have a lot of positive views on the same. Jeremy Goldstein came up with a recommendation that aimed at harmonizing the actions of pro- as well as anti- EPS proponents. The pay per performance should not be necessarily done away with as it acted as an incentive for quality workplaces. On the other hand, he recommended that the CEOS should be held responsible for individual actions.


It was critical to enhance pay per performance to match with the long-term goals and the required standards of the organization. It then promoted a long-term sustainable economic growth of the company in addition to offering a robust, repeatable growth of shares.


It’s been long since Jeremy Goldstein started his career as an attorney practicing in New York City. He began working on one of the largest firms in the city for a while and then branched off to develop his practice known as the Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates, LLC. Jeremy attended the New York University School of Law where he obtained the knowledge and skills as required in his career. Besides, he has a vast experience gained from working on legal cases with firms such as banking companies, cellular companies, oil and petroleum companies on issues concerning monetary legality as well as compensation. He is among the top legal counsel and has written various journals of law that provided an updated opinion on current legal matters. Also, Goldstein is a member of the American Bar Association.


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Dick DeVos: Transforming Michigan, One Endevor At A Time

In 1991, the city of Grand Rapids saw an interesting movement that brought the people together. There was a proposition made to build a multi-purpose stadium and convention center in the city. The reason the movement began was that the construction of the center would not only cause a space in the city to be taken up but would also cost a lot of money. This movement culminated in the formation of an organization known as Grand Action, which was led by Dick DeVos. DeVos is a native of Michigan knew how important that space was to the people. He wanted that space to become something that was of importance, not a place which is being used by one professional team in a year and then thrown away.



His efforts were them channeled into beneficial constructions that could aid the people living in the state of Michigan. These projects have already proven to be of great benefit to the people living in the state, which is now why DeVos is so highly regarded in Michigan. These places have been of tremendous help to the people, and have aided in their overall development, and the infrastructure of the state.



DeVos has greatly benefited the state of Michigan through the numerous efforts that he and his wife Betsy have carried out. To aid them in their efforts, the couple founded the DeVos Family Foundation. This was an organization that was built to be able to extend a helping hand to people who were in need. Through the DeVos Family Foundation, the couple has aided multiple other organizations that were working towards goals that were similar to theirs. Education was one of the biggest focuses of the organization. Through the DeVos Family Foundation, Dick and Betsy were able to help students who otherwise could not afford a good education for themselves. The organization regularly hands out scholarships based on merit so that these students can have a better future. The organization has also helped increase the number of charter schools available so that children all over America can have access to a better degree of education.



In addition to the efforts made by the organization, Dick DeVos has also actively worked to improve the political scenarios in the state. In 2012, DeVos made significant efforts to change the labor union laws in Michigan. As part of this, the state does not mandate that employees be part of the workers union at the company of their employment. This was a big deal for employees all over the state, giving them more power to stand up for their rights and to make sure they aren’t being exploited. Learn more:



Betsy and Dick DeVos are together regarded as some of the most significant charitable donors in America. Their donations to organizations and political parties have been tremendous, and their efforts to bring about a better America have been evident.








Can Fabletics Continue It’s Success Streak?

The most amazing thing about the success story of Fabletics is that the company has managed to go as far as it has in such a short amount of time. It’s currently the leader of the athletic wear category and it’s done so by taking over online retail. The struggle to the top wasn’t an easy one, but it seems that The creators did a perfect job of taking on the competition. Fabletics emerged as the clear market favorite in a matter of a few years with most of the other online retailers falling to the wayside. Some of that was luck but most of it was due to the ingenuity of Kate Hudson.


Fabletics has managed to get as far as it has because it refuses to box people into a specific corner. If you have a certain style of athletic wear you like to wear, you’ll have no problem getting that from Fabletics. The entire online experience is customized in order to make sure every customer is getting exactly what they want. People who can go online and find what they’re looking for are far more likely to be satisfied with their business experience. It’s important to emphasize that.


The most amazing thing about Fabletics is the way the company managed to use social media to take off. It has implemented the power of the crowd many times to amazing effect. You will probably hear about Fabletics from friends first if at all thanks to the genius use of crowd control to get out the word about Fabletics. This has helped insure that people don’t think of Fabletics the same way they might think about other retailers online. They aren’t pushing support through commercials and other “artificial” means of giving out support. Everything you see is obtained through word of mouth.


Kate Hudson understood what she was taking on when she decided she was going to make Fabletics into the brand it is today. It hasn’t been a simple process but she managed to do what it took to bring her business to the top. You can’t go anywhere in the country without finding happy Fabletics fans and you won’t find anyone nearly as satisfied as their customers. The market had an opening and she was the best suited for making sure it happened. No surprise she continues to think about the direction her company is going to be taking.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi: The New Top Man At Banco Bradesco

Every few decades in a company’s existence, it is blessed with a truly exceptional leadership talent. Brazilian bank Banco Bradesco is one of the few to have been blessed with two such leadership talents: Lazaro Brandao and Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi. Unfortunately, Lazaro Brandao, last month announced that he would be leaving the bank after close to eight decades of service.

By his departure, Lazaro Brandao paved the way for Luz Carlos Trabuco to become an even more influential leader at Bradesco as he was the one appointed to assume Lazaro Brandao’s vacated position.

Before resignation, Lazaro Brandao had been the chairman of the board since 1990 while Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi served as the chief executive officer under him. Now with Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi becoming the new chairman at the bank, it will have to appoint a new CEO.

Lazaro Brandao’s influence at Bradesco will live on despite the fact that he already the fact. He joined the bank when it was formed in 1974. As such, Bradesco is his soul just as much as he is in the bank’s soul. Mr. Brandao spent the latter part of his seven-decade stay at Bradesco serving in the senior leadership positions at the bank. He was first appointed to the position of CEO before being named the chairman in 1990. He held both positions concurrently for nine years before Marcio Cypriano was appointed the CEO in 1999. He has greatly mentored most of the senior leaders currently at Bradesco, including Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi. Consequently, he has indirectly influenced the manner in which the bank will be run for the next few decades.

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Choosing a new CEO is not an easy undertaking for any board of directors at any organization. Many considerations are involved in making the decision, chief among them deciding whether a candidate is suitable for the organization. To avoid this tricky obstacle, Bradesco will only appoint a CEO who has been working at the bank for some time now. That way, the bank will not have to worry about the new CEO acclimatizing himself to the organization or position. With this information in mind, it is highly probable that one of the current executive vice presidents at Bradesco will be promoted to the position of CEO.

To ensure the continued prosperity of the Bradesco brand, the board will also undergo some changes in the coming weeks. For starters, the CEO will no longer be a member of the board. Secondly, the board will likely be expanded as its current size of eight members is far too small for a bank of Bradesco’s stature according to A decision on the ideal size of the bank’s board will be made in the coming weeks.

Barely a few months ago, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was meant to retire from the position as president of Bradesco. At the time, the bank’s regulations state that the retirement age for a president was 65 years. In fact, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi appointment to the position in 2009 was only as a result of his predecessor Marcio Cypriano hitting the age of 65 and thus being forced to retire. Born in 1951, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was previously meant to retire in early 2016 when he would hit the mandatory retirement age of 65. However, the board deemed him to be too important and thus decided to extend the retirement age to 67 years thus pushing his retirement age to 2018. Now, only a few months to his newly-set retirement age, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s stay at the bank has been extended by at least a few more years.

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Meet Betsy DeVos the Politician with a Big Heart

Betsy DeVos is the current US Education Secretary and a successful entrepreneur, politician, and philanthropist. The education ambassador was born in 1958. Betsy came from Holland Michigan and studied at Holland Christian High School and Calvin College. The art degree holder was an active member of the political club while in college.


Donald Trump nominated Betsy as the new education secretary to succeed John King. Mr. King was the education secretary since March 2016. Betsy DeVos knowledge in education sector makes her an ideal candidate for the position. She supports school choice programs that improve the education standards.


Charity Work


Betsy DeVos and her husband, Dick DeVos chairs the Windquest Group, an organization that supports manufacturing, technology, and clean energy. Dick is the former president of Amway, a family marketing entity. The two used wealth from the firm to build their family fortune that they use in their philanthropic work. DeVos charity acts go back to many decades. They are among the leading families that participate in charity work. DeVos donate millions of dollars to legal associations, political parties, and leadership institutes. They finance both local and international projects, especially during the election periods.


Philanthropic Movements


Betsy and Dick DeVos are the co-founders of Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. The association is in Michigan and aims at improving education level in the area. It advocates for school choice in Michigan. The movement founded the West Michigan Aviation Academy in 2010 and supplies resources used in running the institute. DeVos foundation funds Christian schools managed by Potter’s House and Education Freedom Fund.


The family group also supports American Federation for Children (AFC) and Foundation for Excellence in Education (FEE). Betsy involves education officials in making decisions on policies to amend to improve the education quality. She works with distinguished individuals like the former news anchor, Campbell Brown and Senator Joseph Lieberman to lead and run AFC. The American Federation for Children collaborates with Alliance for School Choice and American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) to deliver quality education.


Betsy is a board member of Foundation for Excellence in Education. Jeb Bush, the GOP presidential candidate, established FEE. The education think tank is led by officials like Condoleezza Rice, former state secretary, and Joel Klein, chancellor. It receives funds from education donors such as Walton Family Foundation, Charles and Helen Schwab Foundation, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and Broad Foundation. FEE supports school choice through upholding the core state standards and charter schools.


The DeVos Family Foundation has interest in health care and arts activities. The group has developed programs to enhance the pediatric oncology at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital. It finances the ArtPrize to make sure the annual event takes place.


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Fabletics Redefines Success In The E-Commerce Market

Very few people have an idea of Amazon’s dominance in the online fashion industry. One important fact to note is that Amazon is not a company that fully specializes in providing fashion products, rather, it is just an e-commerce market that sells many goods among them fashion items. The online market has thousands of companies that offer different items. Most of the companies specialize in offering fashion products and services only.


Amazon, on the other hand, controls about 21% of the online fashion market. In such a case, penetrating into the market for the new companies is a far-fetched idea. The process would be very long and associated with challenges that can quickly make an entrepreneur give up. However, some of the fashion industry gurus are proving that problems can be overcome, and success can be obtained in any field provided one has passion and dedication. The will to undertake an activity can take a person far, and Kate Hudson is a testimony to that fact.


Fabletics was established three years ago, but it is making moves in the e-commerce market that are challenging great companies such as Amazon. The company has managed to make more than $260 million since its inception. Kate Hudson realized that as much as there were many enterprises in the online market, some aspects of the client were not being fulfilled in the right manner. Therefore, she decided to establish an organization that would help to avail products to customers in the shortest time possible and at the most affordable price.


There are many fashion goods and companies online, and starting such a venture is not a problem, for Kate Hudson, the biggest challenge was deciding on what would be the best area of specialization. As a result, she ended up setting up the company to specialize in the sale of sportswear for women. Kate Hudson believes in good appearance and some of the products sold at Fabletics ensure that women appear attractive as they work out. Kate Hudson specialized in a trend that was just growing, and this helped to boost her business significantly.


In addition to product offering, Kate Hudson understands the importance of the client, and that is why she has established a 24 hours client support at the company to ensure that any customer’s queries are answered any time of the day. Additionally, she makes sure that the clients in any part of the world can get products in the shortest time possible and at the lowest cost. Buyers love accessing good quality products at a favorable price as they consider this to give them value for money.


The current world economy is very competitive, and therefore, providing customers with quality and low price products doesn’t help to conquer the market anymore, rather, clients desire to be part of the strategy used by any company. Therefore, Fabletics provides customers with an online quiz that enables them to submit their views on fashion. As a result, it is possible for the designers to infuse some of the latest trends within the fashion industry in products that are produced at Fabletics.

What You Ought To Know About Mike Baur and His Career Accomplishments

When it comes to the career world, achievements can only be categorized as either null or extreme. Career professionals often state that one’s experience in the game is the primary driving force towards greater margins. However, without a touch of passion and motivation, results are either weak or in other words failure. For the likes of Mike Baur, career life has not always been a bed of roses, from one venture to another and still maintaining a well-known figure.


Mike’s history and reputation run back to when he served and operated in Swiss Private Banking. Being young and driven by the urge to thrive professionally, the talented entrepreneur grew his professional record considerably. Mike Baur, who had begun his career at the private banking as an apprentice at UBS was later recruited to an executive board member of one of the largest private bank in Swiss.


Mike Baur spent more than 20 years in the private banking, a period that boosted him with knowledge and experience necessary when it comes to thriving career wise. Since early ages, Mike was motivated to help other individuals succeed to their desires, a dream that he significantly drove through the Swiss’s private banking.


Earlier on, Mike had served at ScanSource, Inc. At the company, Mike had served as a chief executive officer, an undertaking that was followed by notable profit records. Since 1995, Mike had served on the company’s Board of Directors, and together with the team, they had driven the company to annual sales of about $3 billion. Today, the company has 45 locations in the South and North America as well as Europe.


In 2014, the successful entrepreneur sought to venture into his own. As young as 39 years, Mike approached two partners with an idea and together they established the Swiss Start up Factory. Today, with only about three years in the game, Mike’s company stands as the number one in the private startup accelerator category in Switzerland. Today, operating independently, Mike’s venture has assisted hundreds of ICT start-ups to achieve their dreams, an undertaking that Mike enjoys taking.


With more than the needed experience, Mike spends most of his time in the youth entrepreneurship either offering mentorships of financial support. When it comes to academic qualifications, Mike’s record surpasses that of a single entrepreneur. Mike schooled at the University of Rochester New York where he earned his MBA. Besides, Mike Baur also holds an MBA from the University of Berne.


Livio Bisterzo And His Entrepreneurship Journey

Livio Bisterzo is a 35-year-old entrepreneur of Italian origin. In 1999 while he was barely 18, Livio relocated to the UK and got an opportunity to study at London’s Prestigious University of Art. It is during this time that he discovered his entrepreneurial prowess. He tried out several businesses and like it’s a norm for amateurs, Livio`s case was no different as most of his pioneer projects flopped. In 2003 he founded an events business forming his entrepreneurial foundation. Later he expanded his ventures to the hospitality industry that prompted the Mandox Club Pollen.

Fast forward to 2015, Livio Bisterzo founded the Green Park Brand an organization aimed at manufacturing products that can lead to a healthier lifestyle for its consumers. In 2016, the green park company launched its first product, HIPPEAS that has since risen to be one of the fast growing snacks brand in the USA today. The product is made from chick peas a unique change of trend from lentils that had earlier dominated the market.

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The HIPPEAS are crunchy and delicious snacks that are available to consumers in six different flavors that will leave you yearning for more. These include Vegan cheddar, Maple haze, and pepper power, far out fajita, happening hickory, and sriracha sunshine. The product`s nutritional value is way above its competitor’s thanks to its 130 calories composition, and the 3 and 4 grams of fiber and protein respectively.

The business has positioned itself as one of the most promising brands and has hence attracted investors from across the globe. Most recently, Livio Bisterzo, the brain behind HIPPEAS, announced the interest of the strand Equity partners one of the leading US growth Equity funds along with Leonardo Di Caprio to generate minor investment to the brand. While commenting on the move, Livio passed his appreciation to the investors for having confidence in the HIPPEAS products. On the other hand, Seth Rodsky a co-founder of Strand equity praised the HIPPEAS product as one that has gained popularity within a short time.

To make true the HIPPEAS dream of giving back to the society, the company has partnered with Farm Africa, with the aim of supporting farmers in the Eastern part of Africa to grow them out of poverty.

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Essentials Appertaining of DAMAC Properties

DAMAC Properties is a Dubai-based property development firm recognized for its remarkable input in the real estate industry. It is part of DAMAC Group, an initiative launched by Hussain Sajwani in 1992. Hussain Sajwani is the billionaire and great brain behind the success of DAMAC Properties, which was initiated in 2002. DAMAC is closely associated with glitzy property developments, pretty exciting projects redefining global standards. You cannot also disregard the fact that DAMAC has collaborated with Donald Trump’s foundation in developing golf course projects. Additionally, they have developed master developments that have turned into beacons of beauty in across UAE.



Hussain in Collaboration with the Trumps’



It is hilarious to think of Hussain doing business with Donald Trump. These are two real estate magnates whose combined efforts have yielded substantially. Sajwani is anticipating on scaling to even greater heights with the Trump’s. Donald Trump clarified he would not engage in private entrepreneurial treaties while in office because it would raise issues of conflict of interest. To clear the air, Hussain spoke to NBC confirming that their relationship went beyond Trump’s presidency.



As well, Hussain expressed his admiration in Donald’s three children who are quite at par with business matters. The three have been in the entrepreneurial arena long enough, and DAMAC owner expressed his confidence in them. Hussain Sajwani family has also become very close to Trump’s. Apart from Ivanka Trump having visited Hussain’s wife, the Hussain have been to New York several times and shared meals.



DAMAC Properties’ Involvement in Humanitarian Causes



DAMAC Properties owner and chairman, Hussain Sjwani, donated AED 2million to a movement seeking to clothe underprivileged children from across the world. This was a Ramadan endeavor steered by the ruler of Dubai, who also serves as the vice president and prime minister of UAE. DAMAC’s contribution went to the extent of catering for over 50,000 children. Hussain Sajwani is known to contribute to initiatives steered by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed. During every holy month of Ramadan, they organize causes aimed at improving the lives of impoverished societies, normally in collaboration with a philanthropic organization called Emirates Red Crescent.

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